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In a move sure to have rock fans worldwide howling with delight, TORU fashion mogul Tony Levine announced today that he is returning to his roots to form the new bark-rock supergroup LIXX.
“While running my own fashion label has been a satisfying and lucrative enterprise, nothing can compare to the thrill of lifting your leg up on that stage, seeing a million faces, and rocking them all,” Levine said at a press conference at New York City’s  Madison Square Garden. “But I’m not doing this just for myself, I’m doing it for the fans who have had to endure 3 years of terrible rock n roll in my absence. Woof!”
Between 2001 and 2005, Levine spent 35 dog years as the lead barker for seminal psychedelic dog rockers “The Doggs,” before splitting with the group over creative differences. Since his retirement from active performing, Levine, in a partnership with former Butthole Sniffers guitarist Rudy Rossman, has created a multi-faceted business empire, creating and selling his own trend-setting line of fashions. He has also become known for his numerous philanthropic activities. In fact, it was through his volunteering with The Good Dog Foundation as a therapy dog that the foundation of LIXX was laid.
“Therapy dogs are givers,” Levine said. “We are out there making the world a better place by visiting hospitals and comforting senior citizens. We have a passion for this kind of thing. I started to think, can’t I do more good for this world by rocking out? Isn’t it selfish for me to keep this kind of raw talent to myself when the world desperately needs the kind of honest, soul-churning, bone-rattling rock that only a precious few can deliver?”
Instead of turning to the established music world, Levine saw a similar passion in the hearts of his fellow therapy dogs.
“I decided, why do it the old way? Just as all facets of the music business are changing drastically in these new times, I decided I wouldn’t trot out the same old rock retreads,” Levine added.
Therapy dogs from all over the tri-state area tried out for the band, and 72 painstaking auditions later, LIXX was formed.
The band is currently recording their first release, Lucid Treat, at The Seaside Lounge in Brooklyn, NY under the TORU label.
The band will be rocking harder than any band with 20 legs has ever rocked previously, but are not planning on giving up their day jobs. The band members plan to continue doing their good works as therapy dogs, and Levine is also currently preparing to roll out his new Fall fashion line. Naturally, the Fall fashions will reflect Levine’s status as a bark-again rock n roller, and the line will be heavy on vintage-style rock n’ roll dog apparel.
In addition, Toru is working on a special “good dog” limited edition hoodie to help raise funds for the therapy dog program.
“This is our world, you only pee on hydrants in it,” Levine said. “It might sound like we are biting off more than we can chew, but far from it. LIXX and Toru thrive on challenge, and this is going to be a FALL like no other in the worlds of music and fashion. Bark!”

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